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Oh hey!

I’m just an Oakland girl with a big view on life. I’ve been blessed enough to get some education in Graphic design but for the most part I am self taught. Hands on/ visual learner I would say.  Graphic design has been my therapy for over 10 years now. It’s my way to give back, my way to unwind, my way to bless others and a way for me to just let go. I Love art and everything that it represents. This “Creative Co” has been my way to kind of hone in on special parts of graphic design that I love. That is, creating a bigger picture. You come to me with an idea, I create it make it visual then you take it into the world and I get to sit back and watch you blossom! How dope is that?

I love the Lord, creating, and my family. I started this site to showcase my skills, uplift, and share through the creative abilities what I have been blessed with. I will try to showcase the weekly orders that make up my business and give tips along the way. In a world full of dark colors this is my place to give thanks and minister to the people, places, and things that bring bright color into my life.

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